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Celinda, A Tragedy: A Bilingual Edition

Valeria Miani's Celinda (1611), the only female–authored secular tragedy of early modern Italy, is here made available for the first time in a modern edition. Miani's tale of the doomed love of the Lydian princess Celinda for the cross–dressed Persian prince Autilio/Lucinia offers a striking example of the explorative attitude to gender identity that is such a marked characteristic of Italian drama in this period, both within the erudite and the commedia dell'arte tradition. Accompanied by Julia Kisacky's sensitive translation, and with a valuable contextualizing introduction by Valeria Finucci, this edition of Celinda makes an important contribution to our understanding of women's place within Italian literary culture in a period increasingly recognized as exceptional for the range and quality of femaleauthored writing it produced.

Virginia Cox
Professor of Italian, New York University

VALERIA FINUCCI is professor of Italian and Theater Studies at Duke University. She is the author of The Lady Vanishes (1992) and The Manly Masquerade (2003) and has edited nine more volumes on topics as far ranging as costumes in alba amicorum to Petrarch and Petrarchism. Her work has appeared in The Other Voice: Chicago series, in 2005, with Giulia Bigolina's Urania, a Romance, and in 2006, with Moderata Fonte's Floridoro, A Chivalric Romance.

JULIA KISACKY is senior lecturer in Italian at Baylor University. She is the author of Magic in Boiardo and Ariosto (1999) and has translated for the Chicago series Moderata Fonte's Floridoro, A Chivalric Romance (2006).

Iter and the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance StudiesVictoria University in the University of Toronto, 2010

The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe: The Toronto Series 8

978-0-7727-2076-4 (online)
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